Non-exclusive publication licences for all images on this site ( are available. Images can also be provided as fine prints.


High quality scans of transparencies in digital format (lossless TIF compression or minimal JPG compression) can be provided up to a resolution of 4000dpi (maximum image size approximately 5500x4000 pixels), sufficient for professional publication up to A2 size. Scans are high quality multiscans with a non-interpolated 42-bit colour range, and an estimated real dynamic range of 2.9. Digital images are provided both as JPGs (with no visible artefacts) via email, and TIFs on CD-Rom.


High-quality digital prints up to A3 size, produced at 2880dpi, can be provided either on Epson Heavyweight Matt or Epson Heavyweight Glossy papers. Colourfastness for prints on Epson Heavyweight Matt is 25 years if stored out of direct sunlight and behind glass. Alternatively, professional lab prints of any size can also be provided, although this will take four weeks to arrange and will cost considerably more.


Pricing depends on several factors: the type of use (whether commercial or non-comercial), the medium in which the photo(s) are provided and/or reproduced, the print run or audience size, and the image resolution required. Please contact me for a quote at: